Found Money Management™ Life Insurance Lead & Sales Tool Kit


Found Money Management™ Life Insurance Lead & Sales Tool Kit


Found Money Management™ Life Insurance Lead & Sales Tool Kit is a turnkey life insurance marketing and sales tool kit designed to help you explode your life insurance sales by attracting your ideal prospects for all the hot, new, cutting-edge life insurance sales concepts!

You will also learn the life insurance prospecting, appointment-setting, and sales skills that keep the top career and independent agents an advisors in the winner’s circle year after year even with all of the negative attention around cash value life insurance.

There’s a secret to consistently earning $250,000, $500,000, and more per year selling cash value life insurance, and Found Money Management™ tells all!


Learn exactly how to:


  1. Attract a steady stream of your ideal life insurance prospects and get them to contact you!
  2. Easily set appointments with 9 out of 10 of your ideal life insurance prospects! No more spending hour after hour cold calling, begging for an appointment!
  3. Close 9 out of 10 cash value life insurance sales! No more “I don’t have the money,” or “I want to think about it.”.


Found Money ManagementLife Insurance Lead & Sales Tool Kit includes:


Five units covering everything listed below and much more:

  • How to make prospects want to meet with and buy from you!
  • Scientifically-designed prospecting and conversation selling scripts
  • Initial Fact-Finding and Sales Skills Training
  • Life insurance sales presentations, sales letters, templates, and forms
  • How to conduct the second interview and close the sale
  • Life Insurance Sales Strategies and Concepts Training
  • Life Insurance Benefits and Sales Training
  • Numerous financial calculators
  • 12 of the best, most cost-effective lead generation strategies used by real top producers
  • Life insurance prospecting and appointment scripts
  • How to acquire repeat and backend business
  • Joint venture marketing
  • Life Insurance Sales Letter System
  • How to promote your business for free using the media
  • The Complete Life Insurance Seminar & Workshop Tool Kit, including the “Living Totally Debt Free and Truly Wealthy” presentation
  • The Complete Client Booklet & Free Report Lead Tool Kit
  • FREE Bonus Gifts!

3 Months of Live, One-on-One, Personal Training & Coaching from one of the most respected and successful teams of sales trainers and coaches in the life insurance industry ($1,500 Value!)!



90-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee and industry-leading reimbursement program.

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